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The Twitter I Knew

I used to say: if I didn't have Twitter I wouldn't have friends at school, in the early days, when everyone told me it was really Facebook that was cool. It's where I would go to say what I needed to say, but I thought nobody wanted to hear. Mostly Apple Keynote commentary, honestly.


Yet Another iOS 14 Wishlist

Most of the features I want from the next version of iOS are minor. They are fixes and improvements to things Apple already have. I don’t care about home screen widgets. iOS is past the stage of flashy. It's time to double down on making devices a pleasure to use once again.


How Smartphones Control the Police

In London, there is one CCTV camera for every fourteen people. But there are at least eight million residents with smartphones. When police brutality escalates in Hong Kong, and the murder of a black man is filmed by passers by in the US, they look like our greatest defence.